About us...

Group of fans to the saga of films of Ghostbusters. Carrying replicas as exact as possible to the uniforms and gadgets that appear in the footage. We decided to take the experience of those shootings to the public, reliving memories to those who saw this saga born, as well as show the new generations the work and dedication of the movies of the 80. We have official We have official license of GHOSTCORPS.
Our group consists of members (number closed for organization reasons), collaborators (people with full suit, according to some guidelines and willing to participate in events) and friends. You can ask us if you have any questions.
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    what do we do...

    We attend any event where we request: Fairs, presentations, private parties, children's events, etc. We have a Stand where a great variety of gadgets, comics, toys and interactive material are exhibited.

    You can ask us if you need our services. We are going to believe it !!. Who you gonna call?.



    Here are some photographs of events held by our group.

    You can see more group photos in our GALLERY.

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  • Who you gonna call?.

    You can contact us by calling Juan Carlos: (+34) 677 723 710 or filling out this form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

    • If you would like us to contact you by phone, please include it in the message. Thank you.